Raindance TV

Raindance.tv is an innovative startup, a spin-off from the Raindance Film Festival. Their requirements could be interpreted as a "mini-YouTube: but also including online payments for courses and significant community functionality.

As with many startups, the initial launch and subsequent search for investment/audience-growth is a delicate one where costs must be carefully controlled. Raindance.tv needed to create a website that had enough features to attract an audience, but without the usually associated pricetag.

Chapter Media has a broad knowledge base and hands-on experience of a wide technology set, and so we were able to recommend the most appropriate open source solutions. We have also worked with Raindance in an innovative way, incubating their growth and, at times, donating resources, advice and software development to help them succeed.

We have also been able to introduce Raindance.tv to our carefully chosen preferred partners and suppliers, and they have benefited significantly from the preferential pricing and support Chapter receives from these companies.

Reference available on request.