Product Development

We believe that the most successful products are created through iterative projects of a manageable size, where the business plan, technology strategy and platform development are all aligned.

There are a few common reasons why digital product development, and software development projects in particular, often feel uncertain and high risk. These include the use of an incorrect project methodology; the mis-alignement of goals; incorrect technical architecture; and limited knowledge and experience of project teams and management.

We are proven experts in helping project teams, organisations and brands to initiate, plan and deliver successfully. Whether projects are delivered by in-house or external suppliers, we can create the right documentation, implement an appropriate methodology, select the right technologies, and appoint and manage suppliers.

Key Aspects of Product Development

  • Create a meaningful business plan and KPIs
  • Research and Prototyping
  • Create, Initiate and Signoff a product roadmap and associated budget forecasts including scaling models
  • Financial and Legal Planning, validation and compliance
  • Product Specification & User Experience Design
  • Technical Specification and Information Design
  • Form project teams and implement project methodologies
  • Supplier Selection and Management
  • Launch & Operational Planning, and form operational teams
  • Product Management: roadmap development and support & maintenance
  • Analytics, Business Intelligence and Steering Group