Project Assurance

We have experts with extensive experience in all areas of technology projects to bring to bear, from accounting and business modelling to software construction and data entry.

Project Initiation

We will engage with you at the start of your project to help you select your suppliers, create your project governance processes and create your specification. We can help you:

  • choose and create the "style" of project that fits your needs and your business culture
  • generate business cases and business plans
  • create functional and technical specifications
  • document business requirements
  • create and mentor internal project teams
  • construct your information architectures and define your content requirements
  • run RFP and FRI processes
  • source experts, investors and partners


Ongoing assurance

We will engage with you at regular intervals during your projects, such as at the end of each Sprint if you are using the Scrum or other Agile methodology, and perform a review of:

  • the quality and cost of deliverables from your suppliers: both the software and documentation deliverables
  • whether the deliverables are meeting your business requirements
  • the project plan, priorities and objectives for the next phase of the project
  • creative and content requirements


Re-baselining and issue resolution

If you find yourself at a crossroads in your ongoing project, perhaps with difficult technical obstacles, rising costs, increasingly unsure requirements and strained relationships, then engaging with Chapter Media can breathe a new lease of life into the process by resolving conflicts and redefining & re-baselining the project to ensure it completes successfully.